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More Ubuntu Feisty

Rhythmbox is becoming more awesome

The new version of Rhythmbox included in Feisty, version 0.10.0, is very nice! I’m totally impressed with the enhancements since the last version I was using.

Jamendo integration: it will download the catalogue of artists and songs on Jamendo, and you can browse or play it just as if it was all on your computer, with the regular interface. If you like something, there’s a handy “Download Album” button. Music by donation. Awesome. Kinda like open-source for music. 🙂 integration: I can now play my neighbour radio within Rhythmbox! Oh joy of joys! Seriously, that’s awesome. The last-exit client is still cool, but I think I’ll be using this most of the time now.

Magnatune integration: Just like Jamendo, except downloading an album requires purchase.

Here’s some screenshots of Rhythmbox:

Feisty and Wacom

Still not there. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the day I can plug in my tablet when I need it and start using it, without having to restart the X server. Apparently, however, that day is not far off.


With the version of the Linux Wacom driver (0.7.2) in Ubuntu 6.06, 6.10 and 7.04, if you unplug you tablet, it won’t function when you plug it back in and you will have to restart X. For this reason, it is best to leave the tablet plugged in. This limitation will be removed when the 0.7.4 version of the driver is included in Ubuntu.

I can’t wait for that.

Gaim / Pidgin – New Icon and Beta 7

As you likely already know (if you’re reading this blog), Gaim is now Pidgin. Here are the new application icons and about screen. And the full logo (I’m pretty sure it’s not a secret anymore…).

Gaim/Pidgin beta 7 should be out today, according to the dev mailing list. Can Pidgin really have a beta7? heh. I’m guessing it will be mostly re-branded and hopefully include some good ‘ol fashioned bug fixes. 🙂

Update: it’s been released! Yay. More information.

short term past/present/future


Had a nice get-together with the gifu-crew, on Sunday. Chinese-Taiwanese-Japanese fusion hot-pot shabu shabu. 😮 The pot was courtesy of Shirley (thanks!), despite her not being able to make it. Unfortunately, I don’t think there were are any pictures captured in the digital medium to show. But it was good times!

Ubuntu Feisty

My Desktop PC was not able to complete a dist-upgrade of Ubuntu from Dapper to Feisty, and consequently has trouble booting. Yes, I tried skipping Edgy, and I advise you not to do the same. I’ve decided I’m just going to start with a fresh install, because my system was very cluttered with stuff I don’t use or need. So I started going about backing stuff up, from a live CD boot onto my external USB drive… it was becoming very apparent that this would be painfully time consuming, as I was quickly running out of space. Easiest solution? Get another hard drive. I did that and am now running Feisty. Most of my settings and everything have been transferred and I must say I’m very impressed with the latest Ubuntu. Videos seem to “just work” on Gstreamer Totem, and many things seem much snappier. It will be making its way to my laptop soon, as well.


When my computers are all back and healthy, I plan on regulating a few short-term goals:

  • Reading a chapter a day in my Python book, Dive into Python. I think I’m on Chapter 6 or something, at the moment.
  • Blogging every 2-3 days. I don’t need to have earth shattering news to report (do I ever?), but if I can’t say a little something every few days, then I’m certainly not doing enough with my time.
  • Update blog aesthetics. ’nuff said.
  • Enjoy the sunshine, when it comes.

I was planning on making a nautilus extension for easy image resizing, but someone beat me to the punch. It uses ImageMagick, is pretty much what I had in mind, and seems to work great. 🙂 I just tested it out with my meal from the Cloud 9 rotating restaurant, on March 8th. (I went there to take advantage of their extended Dine out Vancouver with a couple friends.) I now demand that you become hungry, with pictures of FOOD!

links of the day

Import Photos Script

I used to use a script to copy my files from my digital camera memory card to my computer. Since recent Ubuntu releases use gnome-volume-manager to automatically prompt you with a Photo Import dialog when you insert your memory card, I never bothered using my script.

Photo Card Detected

If it was just a memory card over USB (as opposed to a digital camera over USB), then all this would do is open the memory card’s DCIM folder in gthumb and you would have to manually copy the files over. This has irritated me for a while, because I wanted the process to be as automated as possible. So… I spent most of the night battling Bash and playing with Zenity to create a new script. Behold!

Once installed, after you click Import Photos, you should get this screen to select the destination forlder.

Select Destination

Once you’ve done that, it should jump straight to copying the files.

Copying Files...

When it’s finished, it will ask you if you want to browse the fresh files with your favourite photo program, which you set in the script.

Browse new photos?

Clicking OK will open the destination directory in your program of choice (gthumb, by default). Clicking Cancel will put a notification in the notification area with a bubble saying where the photos were copied to.

That’s it!

My old script also used jhead to rename the files according to date in the EXIF data, but I didn’t want to create a dependency on jhead. Maybe I’ll add that later, as an option.


…couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Download the script to a sensible place. (I use ~/bin)
  2. Make sure you have executable permissions on it.
    chmod +x import-photos

  3. Go to gnome-volume-properties and change the command for Digital Camera from
    gnome-volume-manager-gthumb %h
    to the path to the import-photos script with the same parameter
    ~/bin/import-photos %h

    In Ubuntu, you can access this window with:
    System > Preferences > Removable Drives and Media
    uh oh.  I notice a typo!

  4. You should be done. 🙂

Guess I’d better study for my math midterm, now. 🙁

Update (2006/06/06):

Looks like this issue (lack of USB mass storage support in gphoto2) can be resolved simply by using bleeding-edge libgphoto2 package in Dapper. *gasp!* Davyd has built some packages and reports success. (Too bad I read his entry after writing the script….) Actually, I’m not sure I won’t continue using this script; it has some advantages. Maybe.

The first thing I want to do with pictures on my memory card is get them off of the memory card! I don’t need to see them, I’ll browse and edit them locally – it’s faster. The script currently copies all .jpg, .avi, .mov, and .mpg files found in the DCIM folder (and subfolders). As soon as the script has finished, I can unmount my memory card and plug it back into my camera, where it belongs. I don’t have to copy movie files in a seperate step. I will definitely try out the packages when I get a bit of time, though, because I honestly don’t know what I’m missing. Does it gphoto2 copy .avi files?

Regardless, it was a good experience writing it. 🙂

Yes, that was a long time between posts. I’ve been… busy (killing time). I haven’t felt so motivated to bother doing the alt-tab mouse input thing in Metacity (the official window manager for GNOME), as other things which seem to eclipse it are being developed:

  • Gimmie (which looks awesome!)

3D is on it’s way to the Linux desktop. 3D cards – This has always bothered me. Put aside the fact that the drivers are not open. ATI cards always looked nice, to me, and they’re a Canadian company, so I would choose to support them given a choice of NVidia or ATI. However, ATI clearly does not offer competent drivers for Linux to support their nice cards. If I want any kind of performance, there’s no choice, really: NVidia. Since I’m not playing intensive games all the time, however (I did enjoy the Doom3 demo, though), I would be willing to go with a card that is backed by an OSS supporting company. Not sure what my options would be then.

The USB flash card reader I got is working awesome. Yes, it’s pretty small w/a short cable for using on your PC, but it’s got GREAT portability. Doesn’t need any extra drivers for Linux or Windows (the reader is cross platform!) heh. I’m ecstatic with it for $9. I almost bought a second when I saw them on sale again at NCIX.

Google Page Creator got slashdotted, so I didn’t get a chance to try it. Oh well.

And after watching a wicked sweet 30 minute gameplay video (140MB) of Spore, I’m not sure if I can resist setting up a windows box that can run it. I mean… Oh My God. Best game evah!~

I should upload some pix. So behind on pix it’s ridiculous. I thought about flickr… but i’m convinced there is a better personal solution, if I don’t care about the communities (that much). Maybe take a look at WordPress Gallery2 when I have time.

Oh yeah… I was working on a new blog design (like I said I would) and things were going ok. Then I stopped for a while (a week?) and wanted to work on it again after. But.. I couldn’t find it!! I thought I had accidentally deleted it in my clensing! I was pretty irritated with myself. Luckily, I only moved it… and I found it just today.

Oh man, stupid-me number two (far outdoes the first): I was keeping my laptop on the floor of my bedroom, near my bed. You know, for easy access to porn… on my bed. Anyways, when I stepped closer to my mirror to examine a couple odd hairs on my head (what else?), I felt something bend under my foot, and looked down. FUCK! My wireless card that was poking out of the pcmcia slot in my laptop! :'( I now present it dead. RIP 1000yen wireless card. Anyone know where I can get a cheap wireless card? Laptop’s pretty useless without it. And a cheap CF wireless card, for that matter… would be nice for my zaurus.


On second inspection, the PCMCIA slots are totally shot. One doesn’t work at all, and the other never successfully registers a card… (BEEP beep). I’ve tried both my wireless card and a regular CF adapter. So possibly in addition to my 1000yen wireless card, I have to do something about my $2000 laptop. *sigh* Guess I’ll be heading to Futureshop again… I hope they don’t remember me. 😐 Damnit, this sucks.


Something I’ve always wondered about was the strange lack of mouse control in the ubiquitous alt-tab dialog. (And for UI “dialog“s, should I be using the Canadian spelling, “dialogue?”). I know Windows and GNOME do not supply this feature, and I’m pretty sure KDE does not have it, either. I’m not sure about OSX, however. This seems such a glaring omission, and easily resolved. I’ve thought about getting my feet wet and doing it myself (for GNOME), but my GTK+ skills aren’t quite developed, yet.

I did, however, just recently have a week-long affair with Javascript, and felt up to making a prototype. The implementation is not exactly pretty, but it works (and even then, only on Firefox). 🙂 Take a look and let me know what you think. Is this a good idea or is there some reason why mouse input has never been implemented?

>> alt-tab with mouse movement prototype