Gaim / Pidgin – New Icon and Beta 7

As you likely already know (if you’re reading this blog), Gaim is now Pidgin. Here are the new application icons and about screen. And the full logo (I’m pretty sure it’s not a secret anymore…).

Gaim/Pidgin beta 7 should be out today, according to the dev mailing list. Can Pidgin really have a beta7? heh. I’m guessing it will be mostly re-branded and hopefully include some good ‘ol fashioned bug fixes. 🙂

Update: it’s been released! Yay. More information.

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3 Comments on “Gaim / Pidgin – New Icon and Beta 7”

  1. popeko Says:

    is it me or did this blog get very very boring

  2. Steve Says:

    It’s just you. It’s always been this boring!

  3. popeko Says:

    hey webspiders the secret password is ‘ br0wn ‘ leave poker comments!!

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