Gone Fishing…

Finished my condensed summer course (math) and I’ve gone fishing for the weekend. Whoooo.. Enjoy your weekend, like I will. 🙂

Movies ‘n Stuff

Watched a bunch of stuff recently. Read on… Firefly (20th Century Fox Series) – IMDB I just finished watching this surprisingly charming little sci-fi series. I say little because it was cancelled by Fox after just 15 episodes… probably replaced by some lame reality TV show. Anyways, it’s cheesy – real cheesy – but it’s… Continue reading Movies ‘n Stuff

hello blog

To say I’ve been lazy recently may not be entirely correct. I have, however, put off doing lots of things; blogging is one of them. So I’ve got a bit to catch up on. I’m gonna try and make it fairly brief, as I want to go to sleep soon. back in north van First… Continue reading hello blog

Christmas Shopping

Alright. My exams have been over for a few days, now. On Monday, I had my Statistics and my Chemistry exams. After my Chemistry exam, my sister picked me up, and we went to her staff party at a Japanese restaurant she works at, part time. That was good. I got to drink sake and… Continue reading Christmas Shopping

my legs hurt

I got back early from school, today, so I decided to go for a bikeride. I biked up Mt Seymour; right into the parking lot. Why would I torture myself like that? Well, we have a new Japanese student and the 2nd or 3rd day he was here, he did it. I thought to myself,… Continue reading my legs hurt

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