Christmas Shopping

Alright. My exams have been over for a few days, now. On Monday, I had my Statistics and my Chemistry exams. After my Chemistry exam, my sister picked me up, and we went to her staff party at a Japanese restaurant she works at, part time. That was good. I got to drink sake and eat sushi for free! There was even a karaoke setup… but it was all-Japanese, with only 9 English songs. :-/ We thought House of the Rising Sun had not been defiled enough that night, so we had a go at it.
I did some Christmas shopping at Park Royal before coming back, the next day. It’s been ages since I’ve taken a good look around in Games Workshop! Wow. They have so many new things in there! Lots of new models for everything! And the new Ogre Kingdoms army looks pretty sweet. I miss painting. I was talking to one of the guys about the new stuff, and the new rules sound MUCH better – based purely on the rare/special rule. Now, all those cheap-ass war machines that some people *cough* Jesse *cough* like to use, are rare; only one rare unit per 2000 pts, thank you, very much. This means only one Doom Diver for me, as well, but… I digress. Also, the new rules for uniting all the Chaos stuff is pretty cool. And the new Chaos Dwarf models are a huge improvement over the old ones. Also, even though I already have the two prior starter kits, the new one looks so much better! All the models are plastic, (like with every starter kit), but they’re made up of many more parts allowing you to pose them and stuff. Way better.
Ah yes, back to the shopping… In my family, we usually only shop for one person, and everyone contributes a little bit of money for that one person. This makes Christmas shopping in a large family much easier. I was buying for my brother, who happens to be buying for me. I had called my brother and told him that they had a game at Future Shop that, I wanted, for fairly cheap.
Me: Hey, they got Super Smash Bros Melee at Future Shop for $40.
Him: Okay. Well, why don’t you just pick it up then.
Me: Um… okay.
Him: And you might as well pick up anything else you see, too. There’s no sense in me having to go down there later when they might not have it.
Me: Err… Yeah, okay…
So I was shopping for stuff for my brother and myself! I walked in between Electronics Boutique and FutureShop, and got some good deals on wicked games. So far, my bro will be getting 3 excellent PS2 games, and I will be getting 2 excellent Gamecube games. 😀 In fact, I made the argument, when I got home, that I will have much more time to play the games before Christmas, so I got to open them early. heh. Ironically, I did not get SSBM… even though I still want it. I saw another game that I hadn’t seen in many places for less: Super Monkey Ball 2! Wicked. I also got Eternal Darkness. So far, I’ve been totally enthralled with Eternal Darkness’ story, and haven’t tried Super Monkey Ball 2, yet.

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