lj clients & hanabi

Well, was right. My Deepest Sender
Firefox extension crashed two times in a row. One of those times, I
lost a lot of data. The other, I spent too much time fighting back
bugs. Too buggy to be usable (for now, anyways). So I’m trying other
clients, cuz I will have difficulty going back to the browser method.
drivel: This on looked okay. But it crashes when I start it up. :/
logjam: Currently using this. It’s nice and fast, but not quite as
feature-full as Deepest Sender. And on the HTML preview option, it
doesn’t seem to show where your lj-cut tags are or show any actual
images. Hmm. It’s usable, though. There’s a “synchronize offline copy”
option that may come in handy, too; haven’t tried it, though.
I took the student that is staying with us to English Bay to watch the
fireworks on Wednesday night. I took nearly 200 pictures. 😮 I brought
my mini tripod with hopes of setting it up, but there were too many
people in front of us. I was impressed with how they turned out,

For some reason, this will not show up in HTML preview in

I don’t think it’s worth going down there, though. Way too many people,
and too many of them are idiots. The bus is an especially bad
experience. Compared to Japan, I’d say these fireworks are a little
thin in quantity (okay, they’re tiny in comparison), but they
are more graceful – they got scratchy radio music to
go with it! w00T!
That being said, I would prefer the dark sky eclipsed by brilliant
lights. Japanese fireworks are awesome!

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