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I had a big detailed post with a list of digital printing
written, but Deepest Sender crashed; so much for that. 
Anyone got any recommendations/comments on where I should get photos
printed?  I’m gonna try FutureShop, for sure.. and I’ll have
try Superstore and Wal-Mart simply because they are so cheap. 
will compare the quality.

recently set up gkrellm
my computer.  “wow”  I spent a
long time customizing it and now I love it!  (screenshot)

I tried out the new Gimp
2)!  The UI has had a major over-haul, and it looks so
I like GTK+2.0
But when I
emerged it, I couldn’t find an icon for it in
(and I still have the older version installed)… I’m not sure that
I’ll ever use version 1.2.5, but it’ll remain on my system for now, and
I needed a good way to differentiate the two in my drop-down
menu.  I figured that would be a good opportunity to try out
program.  šŸ™‚


Here’s what it looks like in my drop-down menu:

drop-down menu
(damn, that GQView icon
is uggy)

I also played around with Anjuta
(looks very promising for a graphical Linux IDE) and that led me to
which I also thought I’d play around with.  I’ve always wanted
make a filesystem cataloging program, so I made a mock-up. 
Actually, it was really fun!  It also helps solidify the
vision I
had.  That still doesn’t mean it’ll ever be made,
though.  ^^;

was thinking of calling it MediaLibrarian, or FileLibrarian or
I couldn’t figure out
how to add
items to the Listbox thingy.. I’m
not sure, but that may require actual coding (perish the

Here‘s an interesting
looking gallery
generator (in Java).

And here‘s
how to get Nvu working on
(but probably applies to all flavours).  Definitely worth the
5mins of effort.

Hmm… my flash is
since installing new Firefox…. I should probably try and fix
that.  >.<

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