Tired. ~_~

I hereby declare VBScript as evil. It took me forever to debug a beyond simple few lines of code in an ASP file because of a typo. With any reasonable language, the compiler/interpreter would have complained about me using an undeclared variable, and I would have corrected the typo, right away. Anyways, I discovered you can actually force it to do this, but it should do this by default! It was hard enough finding an editor that would give me highlighting for ASP files… I guess that’s not such a common thing on Linux. In fact, the only editor I found that would do it is Scite – it’s actually quite a nice multi-platform editor.

I saw The Grudge. If you like horror movies, this one was excellent. I even watched all the extras. 😀

Saw Shirley had a progress report of sorts up, so…. Here’s my progress report, for the upcoming week of hell:

  • Physics Midterm – Wednesday – 20% done – (Worth 10%)
  • Math Midterm – Wednesday – 30% done – (Worth 25%)
  • Algorithms Assignment – Thursday – -40% (yes, that’s negative) – (Worth ~3%)
  • eCommerce Assignment – Friday – 100% – (Worth 10%)
  • Hours of sleep I got last night: Zero – (Worth a lot!)

Yep. As usual, my priorities are backwards. 😐

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4 Comments on “Tired. ~_~”

  1. ShyaaRii Says:

    I removed my progress report because I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish most of the items. Thought no one saw the post =P. I’m gonna do so bad on my DB midterm, sigh…
    “One more week of slaving before the just-one-week of reading break…”

  2. Steve Says:

    Hahaha! The power of RSS readers! 😉
    ??????? d?????o

  3. Alex Says:

    I use Scite too! 🙂 I was using that half of the time back in Sanyo. Oh, the power of collapsing a function…

  4. Steve Says:

    Yeah, I know you’re a big supporter of SciTE, Alex. 🙂 I spent some (lots of) time configuring it, and you can do quite a lot with it! It’s almost like a prettier, simpler emacs that doesn’t do as much. heh Still have to see if I can get some emacs bindings in it, though. I think I can.

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