Timing is everything

Ever since I discovered LugRadio, I’ve been religiously downloading low-quality mp3s on my Zaurus and listening to them on the bus. Oddly enough, www.lugradio.org seems to be down, of late. I’ve had to find what I can on difficult-to-find-and-incomplete mirrors. Anyways, I was on the bus, listening to another great episode of LugRadio finish up, and the bus stops. It’s my stop, so I get up and walk to the doors. The lugradio guys finish the episode by saying their usual “bye” and “thanks for listening.” I step down on the stair to open the doors. They open and at just the most perfect moment, Too Flute by St Germain starts up. Jesus, it was like a fucking movie. And I must say it’s a wicked feeling, moving to your own soundtrack. It gave me a little rush and got me pumped to come home and eat my dinner. Sadly, it was Friday night, and I was getting home from school at around 12am… it’s not like I was out having a life, or anything.

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