(Had this sitting in my drafts for about a week… time to finish it up and push it out!)

After setting up my Wacom Graphire tablet on my laptop (copy-pasting some xorg.conf stuff) I decided to leave it on my bed. If I leave it on, with the Gimp (graphic application) open and the tablet plugged in, I will often do a little doodle before going to sleep. So these have been done while lying down, usually in (much) less than 5 minutes.

One thing I really like about comics is the expression (often exaggerated) portrayed through the characters’ faces.

This is something I don’t really have much practice with, so I started looking at some online comics that are good at it (and that I read): Penny Arcade, Octopus Pie, Butternutsquash, C&H… (Note: xkcd is excellent but obviously doesn’t even use facial expressions.)

PA Gabe, clearly very happy and excited

And this will be a good test of wordpress’ new gallery functionality combined with my hacky theme: I present, doodle gallery!!

An online comic is something I would love to do, but I would need to develop characters and story and be committed. 😮 Trying to illustrate different expressions is fun. Now accepting ideas. 🙂


  1. That second sketch brought me back to that day you and I were painting those plastic greenskins that we’d just picked up from the ol’ GW in Metrotown!

    Ah yes… I never even came close to finishing off that goblin 10-pack 😀

  2. @kurt: Yeah… the greenskins had so much personality, but holy damn there were just too many to paint! I think I did pretty good, though… and I never buried any unsatisfactory paint jobs…. 😀

    @Jon: thanks! 🙂

  3. I dug that squig up years ago! And that was an isolated incident!

    Too bad our standards weren’t as low as Jesse’s. It would have been nice to have had an almost fully painted army, even if it were a tad shoddy lookin…

  4. @kurt: What about that beastman? Whatever became of him? hmmmm?

    LOLs on Jesse’s low standards… 😀

    (In the future, include your email in the comment, so I don’t have to keep approving them. If you have cookies enabled, it should automatically fill in the fields next time.)

    @Alex: Good. Cuz if you didn’t…. 😛

  5. i have many a fine painted dwarf
    I just had a higher ratio of painted units because of higher points value! but was in reality just as far away from having a fully painted army as either of you.

    i actually dug em out the other week… definitely some ‘learner’ ones (plastics)
    but some of those beards… you’d swear they were real hair!
    there’s even a painted troll head… on a stick.

    as for writing a comic steve… write what you know. proven formula for great comics.
    just make sure I’m sexier than kurt in the comic.

  6. suggestions for doodles include

    Me and you drinking wine on a Paris patio

    A dog chewing milk duds

    Angry phone conversation faces


    Bigger mutants

    Me riding in my cyborg-car-mutant

    Me riding in my cyborg-car-mutant and running you over with it

  7. @popeko/Jesse: Yes, good advice… but the commitment, ah fears it so!

    And nice suggestions. I’ll try and tackle one in a few weeks, after I come back from my road trip w/Maki. I should blog about that too…. tonight or tomorrow.


    Ooooops! Well… OK, I honestly HAD forgotten about that one! It’s funny, because yesterday I was trying to remember which of my chaos guys I’d even starting to paint, and nothing but chaos warriors came to mind. Yes… little beasty is still in the ground, and in the ground HE SHALL REMAIN!!!

    Steve, how sexy can you make Jesse, using your imagination?

    Jesse, I guess some of those dwarves DID look mighty fine when placed next to those elven armies (high, wood, and dark), but…

    So who’s up for a late-July Mordheim campaign!? You KNOW Madyloof still be above ground!

  9. Kurt, in my imagination, we’re all sexy beasts, baby! Even Jesse. 🙂

    could. maybe. do. mordheim. I’d probably be more into Smash Bros and stuff. Less prep and.. commitment. Hmmm, that word keeps poppin up.

  10. It does, doesn’t it? Strange, it’s almost as if you were, like, noncommittal!

    Well, the setup IS painful- that can’t be avoided- but at least the inevitable, swift series of defeats guarantees you an inarguable and early exit, to take if you please! 😛

    Plus my August departure kind of puts a time limit on the whole thing…

    I’m not pressuring you, though. Uh… Jesse and I would never do that. The worst we’d do is invite you over for some Smash Bros, with a table all setup in reserve, and crisp, blank warband sheet beside your controller. But we’d respect your final decision, of course… just as we would if you became grossly disfigured in an accident and asked to be euthanized.

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