Dine Out Vancouver 2008

Woooh… time to start catching up with some blog entries! I’ll start with the little bit of budget fine dining I was able to experience. I went to a few nice restaurants during Dine Out Vancouver 2008 with Shirley, John, Alex, and Ben. Thanks mostly to John for picking the restaurants! I just kinda tagged along. The pictures were taken by Shirley, the official Gifu Gang photographer. The descriptions were taken verbatim from the menus. This is what I had:

The Cannery

The Cannery Appetizer
Black Bean Lemon Soup
with habanero pepper, sour cream, chorizo and herb croutons

The Cannery Main Course
Grilled Wild Pacific Salmon
sauteed Portobello mushrooms, wilted arugula and chive, in a mussel jus nectar cream sauce

The Cannery Dessert
Bitter Chocolate Tower
with a concassee of caramelized Agassiz hazelnut


Cru Appetizer
Beef tenderloin Carpaccio
with caperberries, truffle aioli and shaved parmesan

Cru Main Course
Roasted Lamb Loin
with blue cheese souffle, oven-dried tomatoes and haricots vert (green beans)

Cru Dessert
Grand Cru Chocolate Torte
with raspberry mousse and coulis

Bluewater Cafe

Bluewater Appetizer
Seafood Trio
prawn in filo with mango-chili puree, clam fritter with cumin-tomato sauce, scallop ceviche with blood orange

Bluewater Main Course
Arctic Char a la Plancha
stir-fried rice with shiitake mushrooms and long beans, lobster sauce

Bluewater Dessert
Chocolate Melody
dark chocolate mousse cake, madelaine, sorbet, lady finger

All three were $35 set meals. That was the order that we went, and I’d say they increased in quality: The Cannery being the least impressive (but certainly not bad, and they have a very nice view), Cru being very good (but they’ll rape you for a glass of wine, their selection of which is something they’re known for), and Bluewater Cafe being excellent (but I think Bluewater will pretty much rape you for anything). Service was great at all three. Food was generally great, as well. That lobster sauce from the Bluewater dish was pretty much the best thing ever. Both the desserts from Cru and Bluewater were absolutely delicious. Bluewater was was a little more formal and the only place which I felt I may have been under dressed – it’s also the most expensive normally, making the $35 dine-out more worthwhile.

Head over to Shirley‘s Flickr to see more pictures. John didn’t take as many, but the ones he got are also very good.

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