Tofino Fishing, Link Dump


Alright, so I’ve returned from my fishing trip. Actually, I returned like a week ago. ^_^ I went to Tofino with my Dad, his girlfriend, and my brother. I caught the biggest fish both of the trip (my dad hooked it, I reeled it in), and of my life: a 22.5 pound Spring Salmon.

Altogether, we kept 13 fish. A good variety of Halibut, Rock Cod, Spring and Coho Salmon.

Tofino is also a well-known surfer hangout. I’d never been to Long Beach before, and it was really beautiful. After seeing so many people enjoying surfing, I think I’d really like it. Anyone up for a surfing trip? I’m 25 now, so I can finally rent a car. We could camp on the beach, rent a couple snowboards and wetsuits, and we’d be set! Aw yeah! 🙂 Seriously, let me know if this strikes your fancy.

More photos.



Great UI stuff, if you haven’t seen ’em!

IEs 4 Linux. Amazing. Scary, but amazing. Good for testing websites.

Blog of Adobe guy (team?) working on Macromedia Flash player 9 for Linux. (What isn’t odd with that sentence?) Here.

Games! Total Annihilation Reborn! Twice! Here and here.

Videos (not related to software)

Kids in the Hall Classics

Colbert Roasts Bush (entire conference also available via… google)

Funniest commercial. I LOL’d.

The next big conspiracy movie. Looks good.


The VPL hold music! Yes!


Almost forgot! Happy Canada Day! Woooh! Now, I must go celebrate by punishing my liver. I suggest you do the same. 🙂


  1. I think you might have abused the category functionality of your blog. I placed an order request at VPL (a RoR book) and it was on order within 3 days. Yay!

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