Org-mode: Indirect Buffer, Narrowing to tree

Here’s a really quick Emacs Org-mode tip that I find extremely useful. In your config add the following two lines: (setq org-indirect-buffer-display ‘new-frame) (setq org-src-window-setup ‘other-frame) (Or just run it in your scratch buffer to try it out for your current session.) The first line sets the org-indirect-buffer-display variable to new-frame. Now when you call… Continue reading Org-mode: Indirect Buffer, Narrowing to tree

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Emacs and Org-mode

Well this is odd. I’ve returned to a text editor I was introduced to in university, but wasn’t really taken with until just recently. The editor is Emacs and the reason is org-mode. Apparently, my story is not all that uncommon and org-mode (with evil mode) has even converted many Vim users. Emacs has been… Continue reading Emacs and Org-mode