Adventures in Packaging

Japan is well known for having extravagant and sometimes strange packaging. Often times, it seems more efforts are put into the packaging than the product contained within. I had many interesting experiences, living in Japan. (Not being able to read Japanese adds significantly to the mysteriousness of most things…) Even though I’m not in Japan,… Continue reading Adventures in Packaging

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Bachelor Food!

I love food. I enjoy cooking it, and I love eating it! 😀 One of life’s simplest pleasures. As I’ve recently moved out, I’m having to buy all my own stuff to be able to make things. This has the advantage that I can be specific in what I eat, but it has the huge… Continue reading Bachelor Food!

spam be gone

It’s ironic that after posting an entry about food, I get over 160 comments linking to online casinos. Thanks, but I had enough spam in Okinawa.

A good Canadian Lunch

A bunch of my friends have been impressing me with their culinary skills making ramen and miso soup. I’ve yet to try making ramen, but I’ve made a couple attempts at miso soup. The first time, I put in too much daikon (Japanese radish) and onion, and I did not have enough dashi or miso.… Continue reading A good Canadian Lunch

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