joy and pain

Last week ended on a strange combination of joy and pain. Joy from having my company Christmas party and getting off early for the weekend. It was pretty good. There were a few hundred of us at the Hilton. We had Turkey (with all the regular fixins), some white fish in a creamy sauce, and lots of other stuff. All the food was really good. The desserts were just so-so. Lots of pretty cool prizes were given away, including $400 gift certificates to Holt Renfrew, 2 Nindento DS’s, 2 Sony PSP’s, 4 iPod Shuffles, and a 60 GB video iPod (the top prize). (Unfortunately, I got none of them.)

The pain came from making the mistake of trying out the unstable release of Ubuntu (Dapper Drake) just a wee bit prematurely. *sigh* After finishing the upgrade and rebooting, I was faced with a series of serious problems… the most significant being X refusing to start and no Internet access. I’ve managed to solve everything except the Internet situation. This is due to my only Internet access in my room being wireless. So… I’ve lugged my tower up from my room and abducted the family computer’s “spot” (and spot accessories) until I can get wireless working. Let’s hope it’s soon. I miss my 19″ LCD.

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  1. popa Says:

    you spend 90% of your time on linux fixing things that don’t work !

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