upways, sideways, downways

I’ve been, and will continue to be, consumed by summer classes. That’s where I’ve been. In fact, this was written while sitting in Starbucks… so I’m technically still at school. I had my Wine Science final, today. Man, it was way harder than I anticipated. I studied for a “large section of multiple choice” type test. There was way less MC than I had hoped. There was a lot more “recall exact details” type questions, which I could not really do with any confidence. When you study in anticipation of multiple choice tests, you cover a large amount of information, in less detail. That’s what I did. *sigh* And to top it off, I got BOTH the wines wrong on the tasting section. I thought the white was a Pinot Gris and the Red was a Cabernet Sauvignon, but the white was a Riesling (my initial guess!) and the red was a Shiraz… No way! I got no mint or chocolate from it… I hope I passed. 🙁

It’s a shame. I found the stuff really interesting, but I’ve not really had enough time to do well in it… I can’t believe he asked us to name the Provinces of Australia and their famous regions! Agh… There was so much geography that I didn’t study. I was all guesses and looking back at previous questions for reference. At least it’s Friday. I’m almost finished my Venti Mocha Frap, and I’m listening to some good streaming tunes. Oh, and I’m kinda working on my late assignment for networking class. Gonna head to the school theatre at 7pm to catch Sideways, in lieu of my last three weeks.

Got a wedding to go to tomorrow… this weekend’s gonna be busy.

PS – my next Starbucks drink is on… Starbucks! They forgot about my drink, the first time. Awesome. It’s totally gonna be another 5 dollar Frap. 🙂

UPDATE: I just got back from watching the movie. It’s good. Just don’t watch it alone. Kinda depressing. … Actually, watch it anyways.

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  1. ShyaaRii Says:

    I’ve never ordered a Venti Frap in my whole life because it’s $$$$$$$$$. It must have been a really reallly taihen week for you, that’s why they are giving you a free drink, I think.

  2. Steve Says:

    yeah. It was right after a final, so I figured I’d treat myself. Plus, I got a chocolate chunk cookie, so my bill was over $7. 😮 If you think relatively, and how cheap I normally am, that’s huge! But my next drink, any drink, is free… so it turned out alright. 😀

  3. Alex Says:

    HAHA, $7 for a starbucks “snack”. Yeah, it’s the price of a good lunch or small dinner.

    Y’know, on the subject of watching movies, one of the things I miss about Japan was watching movies with you and JoNY. Free movies. On those fold-up chairs. Hm… btw, the wine class really does sound interesting! Next time we meet you can tell us about it. 🙂

  4. Steve Says:

    Guess what? It was both my lunch and my dinner! And it was good! So it wasn’t too difficult to justify. 🙂

    It was always so hard to convince JoNy to watch a movie, cuz he would end up missing Quiz, or Smap-VS-Smap. I can’t remember, did you guys ever watch City of God? If you didn’t, watch it. 😉

  5. jonbu Says:

    ow, did i skip movies that many times? you guys aren’t into smap, otherwise we could’ve watched together.. real-time cultural lessons right there.:mrgreen: plus all their wacky humour..
    City of God i did miss tho.
    On that topic I finally got around to watch The Godfather.. and it was good.
    On that topic too, I got “Dog Day Afternoon (1975)” DVD for $6.99 (those bargain bin) (same price as that cookie) and it was a good movie. If any of you wanna see it let me know.:P
    those fold up chairs were great.. i don’t know why we elevate everything here.. sitting on the ground level is instinctively comfy.

    (it’s like im typing up a blog in here.. :o)

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