the safe way

When I was at Safeway, the other day, I decided to buy a bunch of green grapes. I like grapes. Upon getting home, I saw how much those particular grapes cost me: $9. Huh?! No way. That must be a mistake. At that price, I might as well buy wine. The cashier had to make a price check on something during check out, maybe that was it – she must have made a mistake. So I kept my receipt and went back there today. I was so sure that it was a mistake, I didn’t even bother checking the price, and went straight to Customer Service. Turns out, they really are $11 / kg. Holy shit! Imported Seedless Grapes. I’ve had some, and they weren’t even that good! Won’t be eating those fancy grapes again, any time soon….

Oh, and guess what? It looks like, from today’s receipt, a mistake really was made, so I gott keep this receipt and go all the way back to Safeway some time soon. 🙁 It’s like, all the way on Davie Street… near Denman. So far. *sigh*

In addition, when I tried to get rent money from the bank machine, my card was spat out with no money. It’s expired! Damn. Gotta go get a new one. Rent will be slightly delayed this month. ^^ Sorry, Jesse.


  1. Oooh, that reminds of those 1 man yen Japanese grapes that were packed in wood boxes…
    Anyway, safeway is the $$$ way.

  2. 1-man-yen grapes. The the wooden “box” had better be a “crate” if they wanted my business. Or maybe they were really about selling the hand-carved box that’s worth 9-sen-yen. 😀

    Yes, $$$ way. It’s true — buying at Safeway reminds me of shopping in Japan. Things are often more well-laid-out w/ better packaging.

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