Me in 40 Years…

Shirley pointed me out this amazingly great time waster!

So my roommate and I went ahead and took a couple pictures to use, and many laughs followed. If you don’t take a good, straight-on photo, the results won’t be that great.

Click on my sexy mug to see my first set of pics (based on the above picture).

Then I got crazy, and still didn’t want to study, so I created this monstrosity, comparing two new photos, with and without flash. Head over to my roommate‘s page to see his pics.

I have to study, this is ridiculous.

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3 Comments on “Me in 40 Years…”

  1. Alex Says:

    It’s not showing you balding, dude!! 😀

    Anyhow, I’m BaaAaaaAAAaaCK! Man, I’ve been gone for a week and you’ve updated countless # of times. I can see you have REALLY been procrastinating. 😉

  2. Steve Says:

    You’re done. Like, completely done. I’m so jealous.

  3. Alex Says:

    Not completely. Still have to go to school 8 hours a day (supposedly) to do thesis-related stuff until the end of the summer. But yes, no more finals and courses. 🙂

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