Zaurus Sketches

I’m alive, and I thought I’d better make a quick post to prove it. Actually, I think my disease has finally dissipated. I’ve done a few geeky things which I will blog about later, most likely. But for now, here’s the grand total of four sketches I’ve created on my Zaurus with either the default “image memo” (for the birdy) or Petite Peinture (for the others).

All images are half their original size.

I need to get back into drawing more.
(Note: I discovered my tablet actually works in Linux! But I’ll save that for another post… heheh)


  1. I think I’ve seen the first one or two before.
    Gokiso Goma ramen, haha~

    (The good old days when the three of us had too much time for oekaki~)

  2. wow, its been a while since ur last “sick” post too. welcome back. interesting all your drawings have weapons, except the one related to goma.

  3. That’s a nice observation, Jonbu. I would say the one related to Goma probably relates to more of your tortured chicken, so it’s still related to torture in a sick way. 🙂

  4. oekaki was pretty sweet.

    Yep. I’m feeling better. Which is good, since I have a final tomorrow. Perhaps I should study? But reading this novel is so much more… enjoyable…

    I’m a terrible student.

    ps – interesting observation about the weapons… heheh. I guess that stems from my interest in character art, usually from video games.

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