IE is being troublesome

I’m pretty much ready with this style sheet, but IE is being a pain in the ass. I’ve tested it on Firefox (Mozilla), Opera, and IE. For some reason, IE thinks it’d be a good idea to add an extra line to my nested unordered list items. I have no idea why.


  • Category
    • Option1
    • IE adds   here.

    • Option2
    • IE adds   here.

    • Option3
    • IE adds   here.

As you can imagine, this screws up the menu in a big way. 🙁

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3 Comments on “IE is being troublesome”

  1. somebody Says:

    Interesting design. But change the white in the lists….

  2. popka Says:

    …why use

  3. tags at all for menus?
    they aren’t proper lists , making it bad typographical etiquette
  4. Shyaarii Says:

    Since you’re on mozilla, I recommend getting the web developer toolbar (a fox extension) and the slayoffice favelet suite (just learned what a favelet is today, awesome). They are so so so so so useful.

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