Texas Holdem got smarter

Well, all had been relatively peaceful since I put up that manditory code entry field; no more poker comment spam. But just yesterday, I noticed a couple trickle in. I guess Mr Texas Holdem got a bot that keeps trying all possibilities. At least the condition isn’t as bad as it was before… I don’t think I’m gonna do anything more in the immediate future to prevent this comment spam. I received 20 comment spam over the span of about 8 hours. This is much better than the 60-80 I’d receive in about 5 minutes. They’re easy to delete, I just don’t like having my blog defaced by them… it’s like walking up to someone’s cabin in the countryside and spray-painting things like, for a good time, call…. all over it. Despite the fact that I actually want to get together and play some poker with my friends, Mr Texas Holdem can roll over and die. Please?

So, if it’s not clear:

Do not click on any links to some stupid fucking online poker!.. unless I tell you to, of course.

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  1. ShyaaRii Says:

    They are using your blog to increase their page ranks on Google!

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