Local Mudslide!

Just saw on the morning news that there’s been a mudslide in North Van! 😯 From what I remember, it happened around 3:30 in the morning near Riverside Drive and the Parkway. One house has been destroyed, 2 people have been rescued, and 2 are still missing (search and rescue in progress). The area has been evacuated.
UPDATE: After all the bustle finally blew over (what with the news reporters, the police cars, the ambulances, firemen, and water mains breaking), I was just about to get on with the regular scheduled program, when my friend Anya called me. Apparently, not only do I know the single person that died in the mudslide, but she was one of my computer science teachers at Capilano College! Somehow, Eliza Kuttner made me enjoy the quirky language Scheme. She cared about her students, and was an excellent teacher. I’m sorry for the loss of her students, the college of which she was head of Computer Science, and most of all, her family. Her husband, who is also a computer science teacher, is in serious condition. Their daughter is at a School in the United States. Insurance will not cover the damages.

Deadly Mudslide – The Vancouver Sun

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  1. Alex Says:

    See, you live in such rural place that you actually know most of your neighbours. 🙂

    But seriously, that’s really sad. It’s already a tragedy for any person to die in a mudslide at 4AM, it’s even worse when the person has touched so many people’s lives in a good way.

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