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After heavily updating some things on my blog, someone on my shared host server caused the server to die repeatedly. My blog was pretty much gone all of yesterday and part of the day before. Hopefully it’s all been resolved. Anyway, I’ve recently added a Contact page, updated the About page, added OpenID login option to commenting, added option to have comment followups emailed, added syntax highlighting for code chunks, and made some theme updates to accommodate all these changes. And I added avatars to the comments. So I’ve made a lot of updates, but I haven’t really tested everything. Let me know if there are any problems.


  1. Hmm.. your OpenID looks kinda ugly… I guess that’s cuz it’s not set up completely? Anyway, to get the avatar, you have to register your email with Gravatar, at the moment. I haven’t yet got my website to upload your face when you comment, but it’s the next feature in progress. Million$ will be mine.

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