Supersize? What’s that? | Lego watch

I was at school working on my AI final project with my partner, last night. Around 8:30, we got hungry and went to the village for a bite to eat. Initially, we thought “pizza,” but that turned out to be a little expensive. We really tried looking for alternatives, but we ended up going to McDonald’s. On our way there, we were talking about the movie, “Super Size Me.” I’ve yet to see it, but I’ve heard all about it. So when I decided I wanted a “supersized” fries with my meal, I said so.
Me: Can I supersize just my fries?
McD’s: Ah. We only have “large.”
Me: Huh? What do you mean? (I was shocked). You don’t have supersize, anymore?
McD’s: Not since the documentary. Only “large.”
Me: Okay. Can I.. uh… “large” my fries? o_O
After googling, I verified this discovery. Of course, in hindsight, we agreed that we should NOT have eaten McDonald’s, as it basically turned our brains to mush for the rest of the night. I still can’t believe that an independent film managed to overthrow such a huge (and effective) marketing scheme (read: “money machine”). The media’s kung-fu is strong.

Earlier on Friday, for my UI design course, my group (of which, Shirley is a member) finally got to demo our re-design of a digital watch interface to the teacher and TA’s. We were supposed to build both a functional piece of software and a physical way to interract with it. We were really stuck on the physical aspect, so one night, I got out the lego boxes from the attic, and built a contraption on top of my keyboard. It turned out surprisingly well, and everybody seemed to really like it. 😮 No messy re-wiring of a mouse or joypad were involed; which is good, cuz I really wouldn’t know where to begin! 😀


  1. I did took apart a mouse and a gamepad, I even took the lever out and tried to map it to the mouse. After two hours of screwdriving and rubberbanding, gloomy said, “Who are you kidding?” and ate the lever.

  2. Yeah… I took apart a mouse and decided it didn’t have enough buttons. It currently resides, still in pieces, in a drawer. The joypad I dismantled… well, I just didn’t feel like screwing around with it (pun not intended) – plus, it requires a weird port on my sound card. I wish this project would just die and be over, though. It keeps dragging on. Hand in Final version of binder. Demo. Present. Hop on one foot. arggh… I can’t wait until this term is done.

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