on spam…

Whoever initially flooded me with comment spam has apparently kept me on their list. I can picture a weasel of a man hunched over his laptop at an Internet cafe, letting his bots (which he did not write, but bought off an underground ring of weasel-like programmers) penetrate the sites and lives of people he doesn’t know, essentially cluttering the Internet with even more garbage. This is his job. An honest man at work.

I hate him and people like him. I could rant…. but I have class.

I will leave some of the comments, mostly links to online gambling sites, for reference. I wonder if there is a good way to prevent this sort of thing, aside from requiring registration to comment… which is no good.

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3 Comments on “on spam…”

  1. bokujony Says:

    those comments at least sound insightful.

    unlike the one i’m writing right here

    “Mr.Green!” :mrgreen:

  2. Steve Says:

    I’m not sure what I like about mr green most: the fact that he’s green and looks ridiculously happy, or the fact that he’s called “mr green.” 🙂 John, your comments are much more insightful. I feel enlightened.

  3. Alex Says:

    “An insightful comment is not one that looks deep at first glance, because that is shallow, but one that looks shallow and…” Hm, well, maybe at least Mr. Green’s shallowness is consistent with how shallow he is. 😀 Haha, but that green happy face (which, damn, I don’t even know how to summon) brings a laugh, which is all that a comment should do anyway.

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