no time and too much school make steven go crazy

Steve’s busy. Really busy. No blogging or reading of blogs for Steve. πŸ™

Oh, I tried making miso soup, today! I finally got some dashi, and I put everything together, but I did something wrong… or I’m missing something. It was okay, but it wasn’t as good as the stuff that Alex and Mayu made at Ben’s. Next time I will improve my skills. Soon, my miso soup power level will be over 3500! Mwaahahaha! (Currently, it’s about 35). πŸ™

I still need new shoes…

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3 Comments on “no time and too much school make steven go crazy”

  1. ShyaaRii Says:

    Nothing stops Shirley from reading/writing blogs.
    I just don’t understand how people can handle so much workload. (and have enough time to shop for pants and shoes)
    Ganbatte ne(..watashitachi wa).

  2. Alex Says:

    Ever since that humongous pot of miso at Ben’s, I made 2 more attempts. Setting the dorm miso as the gold standard (A+), my first attempt was a mere B+ to A-. The miso soup from restaurants had more flavour. But my 2nd attempt (I didn’t even plan it – my mom suddenly made me to) was fantastic. This time I didn’t have my mom nagging about too much katsuo or too little something else, and did what I had to do. It was great! It didn’t look as great as the dorm miso, but it tasted like it.

    I think you might either need more miso or katsuo to get the flavour out. I was surprised at how much miso and katsuo I needed in order for it to taste like how it should.

    And… didn’t you talk about new shoes every since I knew you?? πŸ˜€

  3. bokujony Says:

    i made the same mistake alex made, and thought alex’s comment was written by steve. I was starting to wonder why steve would ramble on about miso. now it all makes sense.

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