Cleansing Gmail of Facebook notifications

If you’re like me, you like receiving an email telling you should log into facebook to check your messages or something. But those emails accumulate and obstruct the rest of your inbox!! I tried searching for facebook but that returned a bunch of legitimate emails and chats that mentioned facebook, and that I did not want to delete. Then I tried the following term:


Genius. Thanks, Google. Go through and make sure all the emails aren’t important, then click Select: All, and click Delete. Repeat until you’re happy you’ve removed all the pointless emails. From now on, delete the notifications when you’re done with them! 🙂 For more information on gmail search keys and syntax, go to the Gmail Help Centre > Searching Mail > Advanced Search. This can all be accessed using the “Help” link located in the top-right of your gmail screen.

This should be easier in a dedicated client, of course, like Mozilla Thunderbird or something: just sort by sender. Speaking of Thunderbird, looks like Mozilla won’t be supporting it anymore. 😮 Certainly not as substantially, anyways. I currently use a combination of Thunderbird and Gmail.

I laughed at this comment, by “Kurt”:

Want a new vision of mail? I got one for you:
After 8 long years start adding a f*cking scroll bar to the header view!

Amen, brother. Amen. I imagine nearly every user has had their email content obstructed by a massive header at some point.


  1. Yes, absolutely! 🙂 For slightly more advanced things, and to make your life easier in the long run, use filters. I’ve been using Gmail at its most basic level for the longest time. I’m sure there’s more people like me….. ^.^

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