Whoo, Look at our crazy bird soar!

Man, I should make an effort to read the news or something, more often. The highest I remember hearing the CDN dollar at, in recent years, has been about $0.80 US. I had NO idea it was above $0.90 US! Holy crap… time to plan a road trip down to the states, for the summer. And now, ?1000 JPN Yen is not even $10 CDN! When I was in Japan, it was almost $12 CDN. That’s HUGE. Converting “values” would have been so much easier… and affordable!

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4 Comments on “Whoo, Look at our crazy bird soar!”

  1. Shyaarii Says:

    It doesn’t hurt as much to shop in USD with a credit card now.

  2. Steve Says:

    It’s almost incentive! 😀

  3. popeko Says:

    don’t forget they still like to burn you with high customs tariffs when you order anything that doesn’t fit in a letter envelope.
    paid over 100$ in customs on my trip down to seattle few months back. gross.

  4. Alex Says:

    I also noticed the loonie going up against the Yen.

    Imagine living in Japan now…

    Hm… I wonder how much this 500Yen yakitori cost in Canada… Oh, $5! (as opposed to having to divide by 100 and then multiply by 1.2)

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