Made another Gaim Guifications theme! 😀 I like this one better my previous one. Get the file: [tar.gz | zip] Installation Just extract the archive downloaded above to the Guifications Themes directory: Linux: ~/.gaim/guifications/themes/ Windows: C:\Program Files\Gaim\pixmaps\gaim\guifications\themes\ Then, in Gaim’s Preferences dialogue, go to Gaim->Plugins->Guifications->Themes and tick the Loaded check box in to enable theme.… Continue reading iZM_Blue_2


I recently stumbled upon Guifications , a notification plug-in for Gaim. Even more recently, I discovered it has a built in theme editor!… so I made a theme. 🙂 It’s called iZM_Blue, because I was feeling creative. It’s simple, clean, and most importantly, blue. I based it off the default theme to have existing support… Continue reading iZM_Blue

some desktop luv’n

I’ve been screwing around with my desktop over the last day. Tried out a bunch of gDesklets and slapped on a new background. I should have taken a screen of the before, but at least I have one of the after. Let’s see, there’s the OSX-like launcher on the right, the column of various things… Continue reading some desktop luv’n