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some desktop luv’n

I’ve been screwing around with my desktop over the last day. Tried out a bunch of gDesklets and slapped on a new background. I should have taken a screen of the before, but at least I have one of the after.

Let’s see, there’s the OSX-like launcher on the right, the column of various things on the left, the multitail thing in the centre-bottom (which is only tracking system messages, at the moment; notice all the errors ^^;), the memo thing beside the OSX launcher, and the corner xmms interface. *phew* One might even say things are a little cluttered, at the moment… especially considering I’m stuck with a 1024×768 laptop LCD, but I’m still evaluating them. Plus, it’s not like they get in the way of things – they’re basically part of the background! Fun stuff. :mrgreen:
Now, my goal for today was to get ACPI working, and thus prevent all of those error messages from scrolling onto my perdy desktop. Guess I’ll get at it. I have a huge buildup of random stuff from the past week+ that I was gonna put in my blog… maybe next post(s).