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Made another Gaim Guifications theme! 😀

I like this one better my previous one.


  1. Just extract the archive downloaded above to the Guifications Themes directory:


    C:\Program Files\Gaim\pixmaps\gaim\guifications\themes\

  2. Then, in Gaim’s Preferences dialogue, go to Gaim->Plugins->Guifications->Themes and tick the Loaded check box in to enable theme.

Other themes available here.

Custom Feed Subscription – WordPress

Are you only interested in certain topics I blog about? Don’t want to have to read, or even see, all the other cruft? Well, don’t fret your pretty little head, I have just the thing for you.

Use the existing search tool on my blog to search for the topic of interest. On the results page, the URL should look something like this:

Now, replace “index.php” with “feed“. That’s it. So, if I was interested in entries about the Zaurus, I would now have:

Put that new URL in your favourite feed reader, and you’re done! This should work all WordPress blogs.

Yeah, I thought that was pretty cool, too.

Spring Cleaning

I usually stuff random things in notes (using TomBoy) that I think might be interesting to blog about. Usually they build up and eventually get trashed – few see the bloggish light at the end of the tunnel. Except for today.

Random Links:



  • Critique on Ubuntu’s UI with followup!
  • Send this link to all your windows-user friends and family who don’t know what to do with spyware, adware, viruses, etc.
  • Delicious. For when you’ve finished all your regular reading and you say to yourself, “Gee, I really need to spend more time reading crap on the Internet, today.” Yeah, I never reach that point, either. 🙁


  • index of (some guy’s net space… lots of weird music; dnb, industrial, ambient, electronic?)
  • Get a Gravatar! Maybe, at some point, possibly, I’ll install a WordPress plugin for them.
  • Live Preview for WP. Was thinking of also installing this… 🙂


Well, I eventually got tired of my blog looking almost identical to all other WordPress 1.5 blogs, so I updated it with a new header image! W00p! I spent a ridiculous amount of time screwing around with the Gimp to finally end up with that. All photo content stolen from my diving trip in Japan. Oh, good times. About a year ago, this day, too! That’s almost freaky.

Other stuff (some kinda old, all very geeky)

Novel Presentation:

[0:45:00] Miguel demos Mono

[1:05:00] Nat Friedman demos a bunch of cool things

Microsoft Presentation:

Mainly about 64 bits being better better than 32. The thing I found most interesting was the new Metro document format; kind of like Microsoft’s own PDF. They’re making it open and want viewing them to be application independent, giving the example of distributhing PowerPoint presentations on them. The demo of the document organization was pretty cool, too.

Speaking of PDFs…

Amen, Mr. Nielson.

I recently installed Evince. It’s quite nice, but it’s still alpha software (if that). I found it a little slow, and there’s no rotation, yet! (I needed PDF rotation when I was studying.) Apparently, the latest CVS version already speeds up page rendering a huge amount, and other progress is being made quite fast. Cool.

Oh yeah, I finally moved into the Gnome 2.10 world. Actually, I tried doing a bunch of things at once: Gnome 2.10, Beagle (requires DBUS, which requires INOTIFY, which requires a newer kernel, so….), and the latest kernel. Needless to say, it was not a smooth process. At first, I tried kernel 2.6.11, but I could not connect my Zaurus. No good. So, apparently, a bug was introduced into the 2.6.11 kernel at some point. Downgrade to 2.6.10. More config’ing. Building. Finally, it works. Unfortunately, my tablet is now acting funky. I just can’t win.

For anyone else using a tablet on Xorg, this is something I was not aware of:

Currently (as of release 6.7), the XOrg server does not support any form of hotplug for input devices. The server knows about those devices that were present and configured at the time it was started, but it is not possible to add or remove devices during the lifetime of the server. The Linux platform supports hotplugging for mice and keyboards in an ad-hoc way by aggregating events from all mice into a special device (/dev/input/mice) and events from all keyboards are routed to the console driver.

My tablet was actually working on my previous kernel, but I didn’t realize it for a long time because you have to have the tablet plugged in when starting X.

Oh, right; Beagle. Beagle’s pretty cool. Beagle is actually just a daemon, and what most people think of when they see a picture of “Beagle” is actually “Best,” a graphical client that interacts with Beagle. Best has a command-line equivalent. It’s made me remember things I’d forgotten, just by entering random words. It’s fun, but I wouldn’t say it’s useful, quite yet. Next on the to-try list: Dashboard. heheheh

Whew! I’m spent.


I recently stumbled upon Guifications , a notification plug-in for Gaim. Even more recently, I discovered it has a built in theme editor!… so I made a theme. 🙂 It’s called iZM_Blue, because I was feeling creative. It’s simple, clean, and most importantly, blue. I based it off the default theme to have existing support for all the events. Comments and Suggestions welcome.


  1. Just extract the archive downloaded above to the Guifications Themes directory:


    C:\Program Files\Gaim\pixmaps\gaim\guifications\themes\

  2. Then, in Gaim’s Preferences dialogue, go to Gaim->Plugins->Guifications->Themes and tick the Loaded check box in to enable theme.

Other themes available here.

Firefox Extensions

Holy crap! My site’s not down! Rock!

Well, actually, I should study. But I can post something short, like this: Currently installed Firefox extensions. I should actually uninstall a couple, cuz I don’t use them.

What does everyone else use? Post links to your extensions in the comments! (List generated w/Listzilla extension).

Me in 40 Years…

Shirley pointed me out this amazingly great time waster!

So my roommate and I went ahead and took a couple pictures to use, and many laughs followed. If you don’t take a good, straight-on photo, the results won’t be that great.

Click on my sexy mug to see my first set of pics (based on the above picture).

Then I got crazy, and still didn’t want to study, so I created this monstrosity, comparing two new photos, with and without flash. Head over to my roommate‘s page to see his pics.

I have to study, this is ridiculous.

Adventures in Packaging

Japan is well known for having extravagant and sometimes strange packaging. Often times, it seems more efforts are put into the packaging than the product contained within. I had many interesting experiences, living in Japan. (Not being able to read Japanese adds significantly to the mysteriousness of most things…)

Even though I’m not in Japan, anymore, I still manage to acquire various Japanese products. This particular one, I received from a home-stay student we hosted; it’s sweet red bean paste, ??? (“anko”). It’s in an extremely stylish package: a plastic bamboo tube with a peg jutting from the bottom. I’m only aware of the contents because the student told me.

But.. how do you get the paste out from the top of the tube? With a spoon? Chopsticks? I puzzled at it for, what seemed, quite a while (remember, I’m hungry). It must have something to do with the peg at the bottom… I break off the peg, leaving a small hole. Syrupy liquid slowly oozes out of the hole. Great. I turn the peg around and plug the hole. 🙂 While that was strangely satisfying, it still wasn’t giving me any anko.

Finally, I had an idea. I pulled the plug out, and sucked at the top end of the tube. I had no trouble inhaling the anko. I’m always impressed by Japanese packaging! Unfortunately, I was so eager to decipher the package that I forgot to check for expiry dates: 04/10/13. Hmm…. Oh well, it tasted alright. The only question is, do I bother eating the other one….?

Off to buy some tofu – gonna try making Korean style tofu, tonight. 🙂

(testing gnome-blog‘s image drag-and-drop!)

Update: drag and drop didn’t work (maybe because I have a non-standard directory structure?) – had to add images in the old-school FTP way. So gnome-blog is currently not suitable for me for anything other than very basic posts. But I’m looking forward to further developments on it.

Sin City

“There are times when you have to prove to your friends that you’re worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying… Sometimes that means killing a whole lotta people.”

It was awesome. Watch it in the theatre.

(testing gnome-blog)

Open Office VS Abiword

Okay, it’s more like OOwriter VS Abiword…

This is a fairly accurate description of my usual document creation process:

Round 1, FIGHT!

  1. open Abiword, cuz it’s a lean, mean documenting machine.
  2. start writing my document, saving in abw (Abiword native format)
  3. eventually, require a feature that Abiword does not support (more control of embedded images, for example)
  4. *sigh*
  5. open OOwriter
  6. either
    1. save abw file as rtf, and open in OOwriter, OR
    2. select all text in Abiword, copy, paste in OOwriter
  7. finish document in OOwriter
  8. use nifty one-click pdf export button


I should also note another recent displeasure I’ve had with Abiword…

Round 2, FIGHT!

When desperately trying to finish some documentation for a school project, it crashed. Panic set in. Okay, it must have an auto-recovery of some sort, right? It has an auto-save, but it was disabled – was that default?! After Googling for a while, I found something along the lines of “you’re outta luck.” …shit. Open OOwriter….


Abiword: I want to like it, I really do!