playlists and xmms

I was compiling a big list of audio streams so as I did not have
to go
to websites every time I wanted to listen to something different. Novel
idea, neh?

[NOTE: “neh” = Japanese “ne” + Canadian “eh”]

Anyways, after I had done all the tedious editing, I had my ultimate
playlist of 60 (non-unique) streams. I concatenated all the “.pls”
files I downloaded, and then did minor fixups (renumbering). When I
loaded the list into XMMS, which I generally use to listen to music,
none of the extra information was being displayed; just the internet
address. At first, I thought it was a bug with the playlist; something
as simple as support for the pls
playlist format

must be implemented!  Both the format and XMMS have been
for a long time.  I was about to download the source and see
much effort it would take to implement, when I saw this
So the next version of XMMS will most likely support exactly what I was
looking for.  Good.  🙂

Oh, here’s the file I created, if anyone is interested.  streams.pls

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