crazy day

I’m tired and want to sleep -> My day will be laid out in
point form.
– look up bus schedule on internet and make sure every bus has a little
“bike” icon beside it.
– arrive at bus stop with bike. first bus: no bike rack. second bus: no
bike rack. …. shit.
– BIKE to bus depot where my next bus is and actually make it just in
time to be on my original schedule.
– sweaty & tired.
– yay! bike racks the rest of the way! at least internet only lied
– arrive at school many years later, go to appointment.
– go to 4 different buildings to get new student ID (hint: go to
bookstore FIRST)
– use new student id to go swimming for free! UBC pool is awesome.
water temperature is perfect.
– after long relaxing swim (including hot tub, sauna, steam room,
shower), eat california roll
– *gasp* The student union building has changed! My god! The arcade!
so… much.. smaller… it seems…. looks prettier, tho.
– read for a bit
– go to mcdonald’s for an ice-cream
– find place w/room I’m going to look at, and read some more cuz I’m
– go to house of vegetarians and look at their rooms to rent, fill out
questionnaire, talk, blahh
– try desperately to make a bus, and miss it… just barely
– take the next one
– on bus, girl across from me says, “is that a zaurus? A sharp
– talk about PDAs and crap until she gets off.
– lots on my mind.
– I get off bus.
– bus drives away.
– i walk to next bus
– wait, why the hell am i walking?
– bus stole my bike.
– ….
– fuk
Oh, and the penguin blinked.

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