WordPress Bugs

WordPress is great, but it’s far from perfect. The few who have left comments may have noticed that they must be moderated. Well, according to my current settings, I should only have to moderate your first comment. All subsequent comments should not have to be moderated by me. Obviously, that hasn’t been the case. As it turns out, it was a known bug. My apologies, until it gets fixed in a main release (when I upgrade to it).

More significantly, however, is a bug that removes parts of comments! Shirley experienced this, and had her well thought-out post almost completely destroyed. 😮 That’s terrible! I’m sorry, Shirley. 🙁 But, I’ve filed a bug report (#1106) like a good little user, so hopefully some good comes of it. So, if you want to post angle brackets in your comment, you may want to use the appropriate codes:
< and >

More codes can be found here.

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2 Comments on “WordPress Bugs”

  1. ShyaaRii Says:

    I’ve been a big WP fan, installed all the releases, recommend it to my friends,…..and it does all these things to me!
    <>>> stupid

  2. Steve Says:

    I didn’t have to moderate that comment!

    Yeah, I think you were a horrible person in a past life, and the karma is finally catching up with you. Must be….

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