Sony wants to shuffle

I know this might make somebody cry. šŸ™‚

Will it compete with Apple’s Shuffle? Well, if the FM tuner is any good, then it may be a fairly attractive alternative to me. But, in my experience, Sony never gets it right on the first try. I’ll have to wait for reviews which will ultimately compare the two players together.

In other news, Google Desktop looks interesting. If I ran Windows, I might give it a go. For Linux, there’s Beagle… which I still have yet to try.

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5 Comments on “Sony wants to shuffle”

  1. Jonbu Says:

    (hey, I could be that somebody)
    That OLED display looks amazing. Other than that (plus the sony logo), i think it’s a bit too round and tonguey for me. I could learn to like that curvy design, but I won’t for now.
    I got the shuffle mainly for the look and feel (its feature set is minimal), and it’s still the best looking piece of stick out there.

    we should definitely watch out for oled displays to pop up here and there in the future.

  2. ShyaaRii Says:

    I am surprised that Sony came up with those design, they look quite tacky, compare to other sony products.

    Why would one compare shuffle with another mp3 player? Everyone knows shuffle doesn’t have this and that, but it has apple. To me, buying a shuffle is more like a cheap way to join the apple family and feel good.

    I’ve been using Google Desktop for a couple months (I think Jon found it first), it is really useful for searching though lecture pdf’s and ppt’s. It sucks because it’s not compatible with nod32, the best anti-virus software for Windows.

  3. Steve Says:

    Unlike some, I don’t buy products based on the brand. To me, the Shuffle is simple, cheap, and sexy. I’m not going to feel better once I own an Apple product. I’m going to feel better if a product enhances my life, in some way. But yeah, the Shuffle is way beyond Sony’s offerings, in terms of aesthetics.

    Google Desktop has been in Beta for a while, but it just recently became non-beta. Searching through lecture PDFs and PPTs sounds really useful! Have you tried the Local service? Talk about a good use of Javascript! The directions seem pretty accurate, too.

  4. ShyaaRii Says:

    Psssst….ya ya, you are right, but we like the brand because the company makes slick products. It’s totally different from being a Sony fan :mrgreen:.

    Google Desktop was so useful for my cs410 open-computer midterm!

  5. Jonbu Says:

    Come on, it’s cool being a fanboy. Don’t tell me you don’t have any special feelings for brands such as *nintendo*.

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