On a Boeing 747 somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

We’ve encountered some turbulence and the captain has told us not to panic. The oxygen masks have leaped out from hiding in anticipation. … Just kidding. =) While there is minor turbulence at the moment, but it’s nothing to get worried about. I say this, of course, being an expert on the matter. ^_^

So, this is it. The plane lifted off around 1:30pm, so I’ve been in the air for six hours, so far; four more to go! I won’t see Vancouver or any of its familiar faces for about a year. Friends and family will be missed dearly. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t shed a tear today. But, I’m also really excited about my trip! So far, on the plane, I’ve had the opportunity to fill out a “Health Questionnaire” and a “Disembarkation/Embarkation Card.” Fun stuff. The airplane food wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good, either. Okay, maybe it was a little bad – but that’s to be expected. I ate it. Some of it was pretty good. Vegetables, however, just didn’t pan out in the air. I’ve had a bit of sleep (in-voluntarily – I collapsed holding a pencil in one hand and a book in the other trying to practice my Hiragana and Katakana, and woke up in the exact same position an hour or so later). My body forced me into sleep because I robbed it of it last night in favour of packing, I suppose.

I’m wearing my N-95 SARS mask, right now. I haven’t seen anyone else wearing one, but I’d feel guilty if I didn’t wear it and the Sanyo folk had “advised” me on doing so. Actually, I completely forgot about it until I woke up from my nap with those fun forms to fill out. 😮

I’ve got an aisle seat. This, I learned, is probably a good thing. The seats do seem very narrow, and I barely got any room for my feet + notebook bag. My other carry-on (only supposed to have one) is in the compartment above. I’m at the very tail of the plane. Bathroom is not more than 12 feet (no… I should use metric system!) … *long silence* .. FOUR metres behind me. How do I scratch my nose through this bloody mask?! >.< I've played a fair amount of cards with my neighbour. He's going to Hong Kong to visit family and (surprise) “shop.” =) Aaaah, pirated goods truly do have impressive drawing power. They've played two movies that I'm aware of: Just Married (what I saw was pretty lame) and currently, The Recruit (looks good, but I missed the beginning). Currently listening to: The Cocteau Twins. But, they just don't sound the same with the constant scream of the engine. And man does this thing move! Lifting off felt pretty cool. 51% Notebook Battery remaining. Gonna save some for later, I think. If all goes as scheduled, I'll be arriving in Tokyo about 2:30pm Thursday June 26th Japan time, and 11:30pm Wednesday June 25th Vancouver time. Gonna go back to the paper to see if I can pick up any more Japanese. =) *enqueues KMFDM*

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