Something Terrible

If you heard someone crying in Deep Cove last night, it was probably me as I formatted my Gamecube memory card. I had got one of those official Nintendo 64MB (the biggest official size) memory cards with the idea that I would never need to get another. When Eric, our current Korean student, was playing Resident Evil 4 and went to save it, a bunch of files said that they were corrupt. That was the first sign. I checked it through the wii menu and it said the card had to be formatted. Faaaan-taaas-tic. I gave in and did it. No sense having a corrupt memory card. All my save files… all those games… RE4, I hadn’t fully enjoyed the rewards from finishing the game, even. Anyway, it was done. Then just now, my sister tried to load her Eternal Darkness game which she had saved since-this-incident, but it said it was corrupt. I guess the memory card has completely died. I’ve never had this happen on my N64… and now I don’t have a Gamecube memory card!! Should I get a new one, real cheap? Still plenty of use for one, I guess…. Man, this sucks. Nintendo wants wifi-integration? They should host backups of users’ game-save files.


  1. i’ve had gamefiles go corrupt a lot. Certain games in particular.

    SSX on Tour, Tony Hawk titles, and Burnout. have all messed up repeatedly.

    the game save back-up idea is promising. Though with SD cards there’s no reason you can’t do similar things on your own computer… if that was available to.

    still haven’t tried wireless keyboard on the ‘ol wii yet.

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