pre-school bike trip

I can’t believe school is in less than a week! Damn….

I really wanted to go for a bikeride with any friends that are able for the labour day long weekend. However, my schedule has filled up leaving only Monday. :-/ Where do we go for one day? If we start in North Van, we can’t get too far in any direction before we’ll have to turn back. If we could get a ride to Horseshoe Bay, then we could take the ferry and bike around the island for the day. I’ve done that before with Jesse and, although it nearly killed us, it was fun. At least, the weather is supposed to be nice.

Sites I’m looking at:

Biking from Vancouver to Seattle would just be awesome! But I’m not sure how long that would take. On the island, I was thinking biking to Strathcona Provincial Park and then maybe doing a little bit of hiking would be really nice, too. If both of those options look too long, then we may just be looking at some local riding around Mount Seymour; also good.
I ended up getting distracted. I really want to go diving again. I think I will join a few clubs at UBC, this year….

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