I’m still alive

But my laptop is not. Well, the battery is not, anyway. I can basically only put it into suspend and resume it somewhere, without any use in between. Example: I was on the bus, and I “resumed” a suspended session from my laptop. I already had a pdf open, and I wanted to search for something. I was actually trying to study, believe it or not! Anyways, it started searching the large PDF and died. Completely ran outta juice. It must have looked funny to the other passengers… I had just taken my laptop out, typed some stuff, had a brief look of shock, and put my laptop back into my bag. Aw well, I guess it’s over 3 years old, and I have used it a *lot*, so it’s not really unexpected.

So anyway, on Friday morning, I bought a Nintendo Wii. Oh wait, that’s next post. đŸ™‚ To be continued….

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