Spicy Shrimp “Kebabs”

Okay. Apparently, my last blog post was in March. If that’s true, … well, that can’t possibly be true. Let’s just forget about that.

I finished my 8-month internship, last Friday, and have now returned to school. yay for me. Actually, I’m only taking one course for the first term, so it should be pretty relaxed. A math course; if all goes well, and it should, this will be the last math course I have to take. Ever. 🙂 After this summer, I think I’ll need just 8 more courses…. ugh. it’s… never… ending.

Last week was actually pretty eventful. Aside from completing my internship, there was a Co-op Japan reception, and that was pretty cool. Free wine and sandwich meats! I definitely drank too much wine, however. Work was extra long the following day. It was good seeing everyone again, though. ????????

Went to an open house put on by a game development studio. I’ve always been interested in developing games, be it programming, designing, or art, it’s one of the primary reasons my interest in computers sparked. I wasn’t actually looking for employment, I was just… curious. So I didn’t feel like I fit in with a huge crowd of “recent-graduate-networkers,” but the experience was still enough to rekindle a bit of a spark. Plus, the spicy shrimp kebobs were fricken delicious! I bet you’re thinking, “Steve, aside from the shellfish, what made your interest grow again?” In a word: passion. These people generally love what they’re doing. On my last internship, I felt I had to poke some of my coworkers with a stick just to get a “good morning” out of them. They’re not bad people, but they’re just there to do their job – they don’t necessarily enjoy it. I’m still not sure exactly what I want to do, but being around passionate people would definitely be a huge plus.

Speaking of video games, E3 is this week: Wii will rock you. … C’mon, that was funny. Seriously, though, I still have complete faith in Nintendo’s new system. There’s some pre-E3 stuff on the net now. And I guess it’s starting, today. I’ve already watched all the cool videos I could find. DSLite is coming out June 11th. Wii will arrive sometime by the end of the year. And there’s two versions of zelda being released at the same time, one for Wii, and one for Gamecube; not sure how that’s going to work….

Oh yeah, also on the video game thread, I bought Resident Evil 4. New. For $30. I’ve been waiting forever for that game to go down in price. Now that I’ve got it, I’ve played it quite a bit, and it is fucking great. That’s all there is to it. Action packed. Total 3D. It’s WAY better than any other RE game. Ever.

Wow, would ya look at the time. I’d best get to sleep.

Update (25/05/06): The pictures from the CJP Wine & Cheese.


  1. Actually I was thinking “Steve, how could you mispell ‘kebab’ and insult such a historical food!” amongst other things far too innaproriate for this public space.

    I do trust you saw trailer 2 for Assassin’s Creed? I haven’t been following any of the E3 stuff, I tend to read into that after it’s all done & concluded.

    Anyways, it’s late… I gotta sleep as well.

  2. Good luck with your new term of school! 🙂

    I haven’t seen the E3 stuff, but I’ve read about it. I’ve always believed Wii would do well, and I was excited when I first read about it last year. I didn’t think PS3 would seem like such a bad choice a year later though.

  3. The assassin’s creed trailer was cool. But it was just FMV.

    But THIS should really get your juices going! 😀

    I do have some pics from the CJP event, but not that many good ones. I’ll try to send them out tomorrow in some format.

    I didn’t know the PS3 seemed like such a “bad” choice….

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