Christmas Shopping

Alright. My exams have been over for a few days, now. On Monday, I had my Statistics and my Chemistry exams. After my Chemistry exam, my sister picked me up, and we went to her staff party at a Japanese restaurant she works at, part time. That was good. I got to drink sake and… Continue reading Christmas Shopping

some desktop luv’n

I’ve been screwing around with my desktop over the last day. Tried out a bunch of gDesklets and slapped on a new background. I should have taken a screen of the before, but at least I have one of the after. Let’s see, there’s the OSX-like launcher on the right, the column of various things… Continue reading some desktop luv’n

Authimage finally working!

Big thanks to Gudlyf for his WordPress hack Authimage! Initially, I had a bit of difficulty getting it to work. My biggest problem was that it would not recognize that I entered the correct code. I noticed other people had posted problems about this, but no solutions were proposed. If you’re having a similar problem,… Continue reading Authimage finally working!

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Mozilla Releases!

Firebird 0.10 (Internet Browser) Thunderbird 0.8 (Email Client) My time is rapidly disappearing, so I will get them when they’re available on the gentoo emerge database. But click the links and read about the new features, etc! Looks like a really good update to both programs! Yum. 🙂 More details can be found at mozillazine.

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printing in linux

Not that anyone cares, but I finally got printing working in linux! w00p! I had some serious trouble with this, trust me. I’ll post some of the details in hopes it will help others. My setup is a laptop running Gentoo linux. I am connected to a router which provides the life-flow known as the… Continue reading printing in linux

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css update

I updated the CSS file, today. Got tired of recompiling the kernel, linuxwacom or xfree86 in an attempt to get my tablet to work. Why am I having so much trouble with this? Oi. Anyways, I like the updates I’ve made to the style sheet. yep. And now, for more testing purposes, a nested list:… Continue reading css update

Blog ToDo’s

CSS Fix Menu’s nested categories; font-size, border, etc style links in content section to be more visible Clean up the comments. give more space between each. Differentiate metadata from the content. Change footer size & positioning to behave the same as the blog posts. Should I make it IE-pretty, or just ignore it? I think… Continue reading Blog ToDo’s