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Blog is Back (-ish)

Due to hosting issues, my blog was down for nearly a week. But thanks to the miracle of backups, Shirley and a new (dream?) host, I’m gradually bringing it back – just like I did with tie-dye in the eighties and nineties. (Don’t worry, this will be more successful.)

So if something isn’t quite working like it once was, that’s why. Patience while I stand around in my yellow hat, please.

Rhythmbox Plugin: Jump to Playing 0.2

I’ve updated the Jump-to-Playing plugin for Rhythmbox. The latest version is now 0.2, and it’s a large improvement. Many thanks to Dan Mihai Ile for his work on the configure dialog and the gconf functionality! I’ve been really busy recently, and without his efforts, I wouldn’t have gotten around to working on this.


toolbar button, context menu item, about dialog, configure dialog

small display mode.  notice something missing?

Changes Since 0.1

  • Added preferences dialog based on work from Dan Mihai Ile, allowing either the toolbar button or the context menu item to be displayed.
  • Modifed the UI of the preferences dialog (HIG compliance).
  • Made the preferences dialog act immediately (HIG compliance).
  • Toolbar Jump-to-Playing button hides in small display mode.
  • Browser button also hides in small display mode. This should probably be moved into a different plugin, or the core. But I’ve left it here, for now.
  • Included QueuePlaylistView’s context menu in addition to the Browser Source popup.
    Moved UI XML into strings within
  • Added GPL license to files.
  • Updated plugin description.
  • Checks if small display is active on activation.


jump-to-playing-0.2.tar.gz (Update: Newer version is available.)


  1. Extract the jump-to-playing folder into your ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/ directory. Completely replace any previous versions.
  2. (Re)Start Rhythmbox and enable the plugin in Edit : Plugins.


  • Force “Properties” to bottom of browser context menu (may depend on placeholder being added to the context menu)
  • Add Configure dialog with checkboxes for toolbar and browser context menu, defaulting to toolbar only (both is a little redundant). Currently, both are added automatically.
    [x] Add button to toolbar
    [_]Add link to browser context menu
  • Hide toolbar button in Small Display mode.

The code could definitely be better and there’s still room for features/general improvements. All patches and code-clean-up are welcome! 😉