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Of all the submissions (I’m not sure how many there were, but I alone submitted 14), 12 were selected. The page can be seen here.
2 of my 14 made it in, numbers 11 and 12 (the last two on the page). I like some of the other designs, but I hope 11 wins. I’m not selfish. What does surprise me is that some others of mine did not make it to this stage…. were they too simple? The best logos ARE simple logos, as far as I’m concerned. I’m also kind of surprised that #12 made it here; it’s an on/off switch with a circular arrow representing recursion. I’ll post all the designs I did when I’m on a new server. I would love to see all the submissions of everyone! 🙂

the shop’s moving

A very short notice, but my website will be leaving it’s current server. I do not wish to renew another year with my current host, and am open to recommendations. Current subscription ends August 4. There will most definitely be a delay between old/new servers… not sure how long. Days, weeks….. ?

What I’m looking for in a host? SSH support would be awesome. Don’t need LOTS of space, but at least a few databases… i think. Not much traffic required, that’s for sure. hah.

Guess I’d better back up the current stuff… hmm.. tomorrow.