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the leach

Okay. It’s update time.

I guess some fairly interesting stuff has happened since my last update (a whole month!). Let me see… chronologically (This will be as brief as possible):

  • I finished (and passed!) all of my summer classes! Now I have to do my resume and apply for co-op jobs.
  • My uncle, Scott, got married! (again) [photos TBA]
  • My oldest sister, Adelle, got sworn in to the RCMP!
  • Ben and Mayu got married! (again) [photos TBA]
  • Adelle left for training in Saskatchewan! I think she’ll have a lot of fun.

So yeah, my life itself hasn’t been the source of anything particularly interesting, but I’ve done a pretty fine job of feeding off of others. 🙂 Basically, everyone I mentioned above (except myself) gets my most sincere congratulations. But I must say I was especially impressed by Ben and Mayu’s wedding; it was absolutely awesome! You guys make a great couple, and I’m really happy for the both of you! I can only hope I’m so lucky. 🙂