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Happy Halloween!

Went to a Halloween party, last night, that was lots of fun. Drank a little much, perhaps, but I feel okay today. I don’t, however, feel like studying – which is what I must do. 🙁
Oh yeah, here’s the fruit of my efforts from my animation class’ second assignment: mud.mp4 (40KB) Now, if this were taken literally, this could be considered a raisin for tremendous efforts. 🙁 I’m just glad I actually got something rendered, this time. For the first assignment, I never even got that far. This course has way too much math stuff I don’t understand. Pretty interesting, though. I just hope I pass.

below average?

I just got my User Interface midterm back, and I’m neither happy nor surprised with the results. I did not finish the exam; and I don’t mean in a I didn’t get to dot my ‘i’s and cross my ‘t’s kinda way, but in a I didn’t get to fill in about 25% of the questions kinda way. I know my stuff, but I didn’t have time to prove it. So pissed off. 😡

on spam…

Whoever initially flooded me with comment spam has apparently kept me on their list. I can picture a weasel of a man hunched over his laptop at an Internet cafe, letting his bots (which he did not write, but bought off an underground ring of weasel-like programmers) penetrate the sites and lives of people he doesn’t know, essentially cluttering the Internet with even more garbage. This is his job. An honest man at work.

I hate him and people like him. I could rant…. but I have class.

I will leave some of the comments, mostly links to online gambling sites, for reference. I wonder if there is a good way to prevent this sort of thing, aside from requiring registration to comment… which is no good.

spam be gone

So bad... it's gone! It’s ironic that after posting an entry about food, I get over 160 comments linking to online casinos. Thanks, but I had enough spam in Okinawa.

A good Canadian Lunch

A bunch of my friends have been impressing me with their culinary skills making ramen and miso soup. I’ve yet to try making ramen, but I’ve made a couple attempts at miso soup. The first time, I put in too much daikon (Japanese radish) and onion, and I did not have enough dashi or miso. Like Alex said, you cannot go cheap on either the dashi or the miso paste; I really tried to stretch my dashi the first time around. The second time it was better with appropriate modifications to each of those previous mistakes, but I did not have tofu, deep fried tofu, or green onion. Most importantly, however, I am still lacking that delicious “seven-spice” powder I would dump in my miso soup, in Japan. I bought a jar of what I thought was it, (looks identical) but it tastes totally different. Damn. So the miso soup situation is getting better, but I have to make special trips for ingredients that we don’t normally around the house; almost all of them. Inconbini desu yo!
My other Japanese food adventure was making Japanese curry. Of course, I did not make the sauce. I used one of those Glico Curry boxes, and added it to some fried onions, carrots, potatoes and ooh-eeh-naa (wiener)! Dump that on some rice and it was surprisingly good! I may have to either a) learn how to make the Japanese curry sauce, or b) get some more of those Glico boxes.
But enough of Japanese food. Let’s talk about my lunch today: a good, old fashioned Canadian lunch. A toasted sandwich using home-made bread containing the following: bacon, mozzarella cheese, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, onion, red pepper, honey mustard, salt, and pepper. Oh yeah, and a side of honey-garlic chicken wings. Ramen artists, eat your heart out. hahahaha! :mrgreen:
Old Fashioned Canadian Style


new zaurus, firefox extensions, life

The new clamshell zaurus, the SL-C3000, is scheduled to come out in Japan on November 10th. It now includes a 4GB microdrive in addition to the 128MB RAM and the arrow keys have been replaced by a joystick! Still no embedded wi-fi, though. Still… me wants it, me does. I wonder what kind of updates the software will receive. My suggestion: official support for Linux boxes and PIM syncing, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! The Register has some info in English. 😉
I got flash objects working properly in Firefox again! My guess is that some artifact settings remained from my previous installations of Firefox and its extensions (flashblock, in particular), which was preventing flash objects from being displayed. This was strange, because it wouldn’t even display the border of the flash object. The root account had no problems, of course; it never does. I did a couple things like deleting the ~/.macromedia directory, and reinstalling the flash plugin everywhere I could think of, but what finally solved the problem (I think) was re-installing the flashblock extension and enabling it. Oddly enough, not having flash for many months did not bother me that much. I also installed the gmail notifier extension. Now I can click an icon in the Firefox statusbar to log in, and it displays the number of new mail I have in my inbox. Nifty.
School is basically my life, right now. I’m in 5 courses, and here’s what I think of them:
  1. 1st year Chemistry: I have to complete my lower-level requirements, and this is one of them. It’s okay, but it’s really time-consuming.
  2. Statistics: I recently talked to a guy who said this was one of the hardest courses he took, and that he never fails exams, but he failed this one. Guess it’s time to start studying….
  3. Computational Intelligence (AI): This course is alright. The instructor is from the US and is pretty funny when highlighting differences between Canada and the US.
  4. Computer Animation: I’m in over my head with this course. Too much math I don’t remember or just don’t understand. I didn’t even finish the first real assignment. Too busy. I hope this course doesn’t kill me. I haven’t looked at Assignment 2 yet….
  5. User Interface Design: I like this course. But there’s SO MUCH reading and the group project eats up a lot of time, as they usually do. Got a midterm coming up… but this is also the crunch time for our group’s project. Oh man… Ganbaro? 🙁