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no time and too much school make steven go crazy

Steve’s busy. Really busy. No blogging or reading of blogs for Steve. 🙁

Oh, I tried making miso soup, today! I finally got some dashi, and I put everything together, but I did something wrong… or I’m missing something. It was okay, but it wasn’t as good as the stuff that Alex and Mayu made at Ben’s. Next time I will improve my skills. Soon, my miso soup power level will be over 3500! Mwaahahaha! (Currently, it’s about 35). 🙁

I still need new shoes…

Mozilla Releases!

Firebird 0.10 (Internet Browser)
Thunderbird 0.8 (Email Client)

My time is rapidly disappearing, so I will get them when they’re available on the gentoo emerge database. But click the links and read about the new features, etc! Looks like a really good update to both programs! Yum. 🙂

More details can be found at mozillazine.

Gifu crew reunion!

On Friday night, we had an awesome dinner at Ben’s new apaato with Ben, Mayu, John, Shirley, and Alex. I left my house in such a hurry that I forgot to bring the directions to Ben’s place… if it wasn’t for the tiny Internet cafe at the back of London Drugs, in Brentwood Mall, I may have been extremely late! 😳 It was almost like old times… except we had more space… and we weren’t in Japan. 😀 Temaki zushi and miso soup! Everything was delicious! Now, I must acquire katsuo dashi for my own miso purposes. Mmm…. And Ben, that gin and tonic was awesome.

John and Shirley have made their pics from the evening available. I will d/l them when I get the chance.

john cam
shirley cam

Note: We owe Ben & Mayu dinner. 😉

printing in linux

Not that anyone cares, but I finally got printing working in linux! w00p! I had some serious trouble with this, trust me. I’ll post some of the details in hopes it will help others.

My setup is a laptop running Gentoo linux. I am connected to a router which provides the life-flow known as the Internet to my laptop and a desktop pc. There is a printer connected to the desktop pc, and that’s what I want to print to. The desktop runs Windows XP. What I needed setup and running is this: CUPS (Common Unix Printing Structure), SAMBA suite, netbios on windows computer, and the printer being shared from within windows.
At first, I was able to print using smbclient to log in to the printer share and then use the SAMBA print command. However, this was very hackish, to say the least. It took me a long time to track it down, but I was finally able to print with the command smbspool. This is important bedcause this is what CUPS uses for the samba backend, and when you get the syntax for smbspool correct, you’ll be better off when it comes to debugging, later… if you have to. 😉

smbspool {printerURI} {job} {user} {title} {copies} {options} [filename]

mine looked like this:

smbspool smb://desktop-workgroup/desktop-netbios-name/shared-printer-name jobname guest jobtitle 1 “” test.txt

To get a list of available shares (including printers), use smbclient -L desktop-netbios-name -N. “desktop-netbios-name” with the name of your windows computer. So, if my windows computer was named “bob” and bob’s printer was shared as “pbob”, then the path to the printer would be “smb://bob/pbob”. I have my workgroup on my /etc/smb.conf file set to the same as my desktop for simplicity. You can grab a simple smb.conf file here.


You may also have to make some changes to files in the /etc/cups/ directory. But if you’ve got CUPS installed and running, you can manage it through a web application which will be running on your computer! http://localhost:631/ This is the most significant part of the setup that I seemed to miss. Use this interface to add a SAMBA printer, and it should take care of all the nasties. You’re not done, yet. IMPORTANT: Once you’ve added the printer(s), you must enable them and tell them to accept jobs!

After you’ve done all your changes, you will want to restart SAMBA and CUPS.

/etc/init.d/samba restart && /etc/init.d/cupsd restart

Load up an application and you should see your new printer selectable! yay! (I hope I didn’t miss anything too important….)

my legs hurt

I got back early from school, today, so I decided to go for a bikeride. I biked up Mt Seymour; right into the parking lot. Why would I torture myself like that? Well, we have a new Japanese student and the 2nd or 3rd day he was here, he did it. I thought to myself, “Shit, I’ve lived here my whole life, and I’ve never done it!” Now, the question wasn’t really if I would do it, but when. Today, I had time. Crazy Japanese student, Naoya, I accept your challenge! 😈
So… I left around 2:45pm. I didn’t take the most direct route up, and I stopped at Dorothy Lynas school to fix my bike… but whatever. 😐 I got to the top of the mountain around 4:45pm. 2 hours up. Other bikers passed me, but they were either in a car or biking machines! 🙄 At the top I snapped a couple of photos of the naked mountain and unsuccessfully searched for clean water. The way down was obviously much quicker. I was back home hydrating myself by 5:45pm! 😀

This is the slolom slope, I think.  And me.

This is the slolom slope, I think. And me.

Lodge Chair

Lodge Chair

Mystery Chair

Mystery Chair

Cigar commercial

This commercial is pretty funny. Not work-safe.
Handrolled.mpg ~2.5MB


I can’t believe I have to go to school, tomorrow. Aye…..
I made a minor update (added some links) to the main page on my website.

Roast Pork ** Yakibuta(Chashu)

Roast Pork ** Yakibuta(Chashu)

This sounds like a really good recipe! I miss chashu ramen. I miss ramen period. Any good ramen restaurants in Vancouver?

drinking in the cove…

Okay, I had a good night of drinking with Kurt and Jesse. Tomorrow, I probably won’t be doing much biking. ^_^ eheh. First, we ate sushi in the Cove. It was delicious. My ginger was kinda bitter and soggy and the california rolls had no cucumber, but everything else was good. We then went for a hike, played a drinking game (I totally won), and were eventually quite sloshed. When dusk came, we headed up to Safeway to get some more snacks which we consumed at a nearby church. After much drunk-speak, we walked back to Kurt’s house and watched Dark Crystal. I haven’t seen that movie in ages! Jesse wasn’t looking so hot by the end of the night. heheh But a good time was had by all.

pre-school bike trip

I can’t believe school is in less than a week! Damn….

I really wanted to go for a bikeride with any friends that are able for the labour day long weekend. However, my schedule has filled up leaving only Monday. :-/ Where do we go for one day? If we start in North Van, we can’t get too far in any direction before we’ll have to turn back. If we could get a ride to Horseshoe Bay, then we could take the ferry and bike around the island for the day. I’ve done that before with Jesse and, although it nearly killed us, it was fun. At least, the weather is supposed to be nice.

Sites I’m looking at:

Biking from Vancouver to Seattle would just be awesome! But I’m not sure how long that would take. On the island, I was thinking biking to Strathcona Provincial Park and then maybe doing a little bit of hiking would be really nice, too. If both of those options look too long, then we may just be looking at some local riding around Mount Seymour; also good.
I ended up getting distracted. I really want to go diving again. I think I will join a few clubs at UBC, this year….