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the beginning of the end

I just talked to my supervisor (my initiative) about my project and
told him what I had recently finished, where I am, and where I was
thinking about going, etc.  Recently, I have not talked to him (nor he
to I) about the project for a long time; over a month.  Every day, I
fill out progress reports, and he stamps those once he’s looked at
them.  He’s been very busy, recently with a promotion and the beginning
of a new fiscal year, so those have not been stamped for over two
months.  I just wanted to provide him with an update
so as he could adjust my present direction, if he felt appropriate. 
Well, it’s time for me to start making “lots of very detailed
” apparently.  Joy! 

Actually, contrary to the stereotype, this programmer doesn’t really
mind doing documentation.  I’m just a little surprised I got this much
time to do it!  Glad, but surprised, none-the-less.  This gives me a
bit more than a month.  I’ll probably need it, too.  I try to do
documentation in parallel, as that’s the easiest/best way, but it’s
more orientated for myself.  I am told that my supervisor will continue
this project after I leave, so I have to write for him.  It’s kind of
overwhelming.  I don’t really know where to start.

*stares blankly at screen*

Damn, now that thing that I was in the middle of doing seems like a huge task to finish.


Why is it that I always injure myself? I played basketball last
and I was probably playing a little too aggressively for my
less-than-adequate shoes. I ended up with two golf-ball sized blisters;
one on each foot. They’re obviously already broken, so I have this big
flap of skin hanging off my feet, exposing the way-too-sensitive 5th or
6th layer of skin. Walking induces pain. I have to walk slow and
granny-like. =/

I got my plane tickets! And I’ve got a bit more in the way of plans for
the diving section of my trip. I’m scheduled for 5 days, 4 days of
lesson, and one of fun. I also plan to go to the aquarium – “world’s
2nd largest.” During my time that *is* planned, I plan on asking where
I can rent a bike, and what kind of places I could sleep at for cheap.
I’d like to bike around the island for the rest of the undecided amount
of time. I just have to figure out where to put luggage and

John () helped me get a used underwater
case for my ixy.
I tried it out
the other night; I love it! It’s so simple! And it’s got big colourful
buttons for every possible function of the camera. I’ll have submerge
it in water and take mock strangle-victim pictures to really test it
out.  I’m curious what they’ve been seeing all these


I tried out gthumb.
This is almost exactly what I would want, except when you generate a
webpage, it doesn’t include the comments!! I can’t understand why they
wouldn’t implement that. Anyways, it’s a pretty good ACDSee substitute.
But, I only find it useful if you use Nautilus, because it uses the
same thumbnail format as Nautilus. If you don’t use Nautilus, then
it has to create the thumbnails by itself, and it seems to take

I tried emerging gnome2.6
last night, finally. It had 117 packages to download and compile. I
slept. This morning, it had stopped with 86 packages left. Damn. Some
reading I just did suggested unmerging and re-merging the troublesome
package… and it worked!  So it’s happily chugging along on
(of 86) package, once again.

This popcorn is strangely addictive.  Oh well.. time to go
pick up some discount sushi and milk….