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I am in a very good mood, right now. I had a good time
tonight. I went out for dinner and to the cinema with a Japanese
friend. We had Chinese food and saw Lord of the Rings. That movie is
awesome. I’ve read the books (didn’t quite finish the last one), and
there are quite a few differences, but I really like the movies. Books
can very rarely translate well into movies, but I thought LOTR was done
very well.

In contrast, I saw Battle Royal 2, last night – and that was
pretty bad.

Not only did tonight put me in a good mood, but it made me
want to create. The art in LOTR is awesome. Everything just seemed so
well put together. Battle scenes were so well done. Amazing. Reminded
me of playing Warhammer (tabletop war game played with miniatures) and
it especially made me want to design a Real Time Strategy game.
Watching that, I realized a couple play mechanics that could be added
to the genre. Oh man, I really should try and make a game…

Maybe, instead of writing a couple emails (that I
must eventually write), I’ll try out the wacom on
Gentoo – for the first time…heh.

some stuff from werky…

While searching for videos on the net, I (finally) came
across a good online resource for

Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for,
but I did happen to watch a cool video on
“media blocks,”
a form of “tangible” UI that was researched
at MIT (1999). It’s an interesting watch.

Actually, there looks to be quite a few interesting videos
under the Educational section.

“Y” windowing system
– I really wanted to read this, but was
too busy at work.

wah! gotta go!

UPDATE (2004/02/22): had to tidy up this post a bit.. it just bothered

almost genki

I’m at work, right now. I’m suppose to go home at 5:15
(well, not REALLY), but I’m waiting for something to download and
install on my linux box. *sigh* Whoo! It’s done! Funny, at the
dormitory, my computer is probably also downloading and installing
things. Before I left for work, it was downloading the new KDE-3.2 base
to compile and install. I wonder if it’s done – that’s a

hah! You clicked! Sucker. I’m going home. It’s late.

that extra day makes a huge difference

Last Wednesday was “Japan Day,” but the company machine still turned.
Instead, we got Friday off! That one extra day that you do not have to
go to work is a HUGE difference. If the work week had 4 days, the world
would be a better place.

Unfortunately, I spent Valentine’s Day weekend in my room, trying to
recover from a cold. I ate a minimum of 3 mikan (Japanese oranges) a
day, and drank lots of orange juice. I snacked all day on shelled
peanuts and other little things. I stuck inside, only leaving my cave
for groceries or dinner. It seemed, every time I left the dormitory,
that it would be raining and/or windy -> making my bike ride much
more difficult.

Japanese classes ended on Friday! I forgot to get my teacher’s email…
even after she said, “Steve, keep in touch.” … damn. I guess I was
too confused by having to say Japanese nothings and call it a speech.
Oh well, I’m signed up for a Japanese flower arrangement and tea
ceremony in March… maybe I’ll see someone there I can get it from….

Oh yeah, this was funny…. =)


I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning – more so than
usual. I have a runny-stuffy nose… throat’s starting to hurt…
amazing. I’m getting a cold.. this sux. First cold in Japan… I’m not
supposed to get sick. I eat a healthy diet of popcorn, chocolate,
various other DELICIOUS snacks, usually complemented
with pepsi. It will go away soon because I told it to.
It’s good that tomorrow’s a holiday. It’s bad that I still have to
attend Japanese class. And it’s even worse that I have to do a speech
(in horribly broken Japanese). Tomorrow is my last Japanese class in


It’s late, and I need at least one entry for my shiny new journal. mmm… shiny.